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New Escape Games 140 - NSR Secrets Of Alien Room Escape is another point and click escape game developed by NSRgames. Secrets Of Alien Room is one of the most playable game in NSR adventure escape games category, you need to unlock the door by finding the key inside the room with clues and solving puzzles. Your ultimate goal is to communicate the Alien Spaceship. Have a Fun! Note : Thanks for valuable Feedback.As for the suggestion we have removed the Advertisement Which was in the middle Of the Game. We Look Forward For the Suggestion if any

-Beautiful graphics.
-Attractive puzzles.
-100% free.
-No In-app purchases.

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Trop cool tu as réussi à mettre une vidéo , reste à traduire en français si tu veux avoir un chance que quelqu'un s'intéresse à toi ici ˆˆ

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