Game By A 13 Years Old - Strategic Labyrinth

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13 juin 2013 à 13:09:20 via app

Strategic Labyrinth LITE:|

-Get the key to unlock the lock...
-Put out the fire with the waterbucket...
-Teleport from room to room...
-Avoid zombies, robots, ghosts, devils, cannonmonsters, lasers and much more...
-Open up your way trough the 50 levels avaible in the lite version...
-Find the lever to open the next door...
-Master hard and complex levels...
-Don't make the monsters angry!

Strategic Labyrinth is a 2D based joystick skill game.
Full Version will be hopefully availble soon.

-More obstacles, mobs
-More logic stuff like lighting up a barrel which is blocking your way with a wooden stick
-Endless Updates
Please rate, comment and report bugs to make the game as good as possible
If you have any questions:

Have fun with the game :D


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Hi, bin 13 Jahre alt :D Erstes Android Spiel "Strategic Labyrinth":