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Time Sheriff Key

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2.2 ou plus récente
5 - 10
USD 1,40

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Never ever burned pizza! The Time Sheriff watches on your running times and notifies you by a clear fire of signals.

· Flash light (custom pattern)
· Speaking of a text (any custom text)
· Ring tone (all system sounds)
· Vibration (different patterns and custom Morse codes)
· Popup Screen

The Time Sheriff gives reliable signal in the sleep mode. You can configure and combine the signal in any way. With activated flash light you will never miss notifications in loud environments (parties, loud engines). Also for hard hearing or deaf people is the Time Sheriff a perfect tool.

The Time Sheriff distinguishes oneself by the by the practical combination of the following features.

· Countdown (Anything what has a duration or should takes some time)
· Multi-countdown (Multiple Intervals one after another)
· Absolute time with weekday
· Multiple times per day (Medicament taking, Pill remembering)
· Different alarms for all multi-timer possible
· Next alarm time(s) shown in the notification area

· Clear user interface with large buttons and text !
· Multiple active timers at the same time possible !
· Saving of timer configurations as templates for later reuse !
· Custom alarm repeating – count and interval !
· Extend an expired timer quickly with 2 clicks – pizza needs some minutes more !
· Shorten and extend a timer in running mode possible !
· Testing of the alarm before starting is possible !
· Much touch, less keyboard – configuration of numbers with scroll bars !
· Full screen for a single timer with a progress bar with large views available !
· Help text OFFLINE for every screen – open it from the options menu !
· Screen orientation automatically or fixed – adjustable !
· App in full screen mode or taskbar visible – adjustable !

Financing of the Time Sheriff app by advertising. Remove the advertising from the free version by the additional installation of the “Time Sheriff Key” app. The user interface is in English (yet) but the text will be spoken in your configured language.

Future Enhancements:

· Enhancement of the signal-screen with focus on the current alarm
· Trigger with absolute time and date
· Additional signal triggers (WLAN, loacasisation) and enhancing of reactions to configure system settings
· Speak to Text
· Dynamic text to speak – “in 5 minutes”, “it is 8 o’clock”
· Voice recorder

I you have good ideas and suggestion to improve the Time Sheriff, please mail me. If you find bugs send me a mail for a quick fix.

timer, alarm, kitchen, cooking, deaf, hard hearing, signal, flash, countdown


Time Sheriff Key
Time Sheriff Key
Time Sheriff Key
Time Sheriff Key
Time Sheriff Key
Time Sheriff Key
Time Sheriff Key
Time Sheriff Key


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