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Monkey UFO

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2.1 ou plus récente
50 000 - 100 000

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Help a monkey to navigate a flying saucer and gather bananas.

In Monkey UFO 2 new animals have joined the space race! Everyone is in a hurry to explore Venus, Mars, Jupiter and other planets of the Solar System. Who will be the first to reach mysterious Alpha Centauri? What dangers await brave explorers on the way?

In this arcade flight simulator you travel around dynamic levels, pick up edible goodies and avoid obstacles, other moving vehicles and airborne creatures. The game is somewhat similar to Lunar Lander classic, Monkey Lander by Miniclip and Space Cat. Yet, here you will need to collect fruits in specific order to maximize your score and make use of various physics effects. Toddlers and small kids can play on "easy" difficulty and just enjoy the game. Seasoned gamers can set "realistic" difficulty and attempt to get all the Gold Awards: most levels will be very challenging both to your brain and fingers.

Now you will also find lots of interesting new physics-altering goodies: teleporter, rocket booster, time-stop and dozens more! All the old levels are still in the game, including those you sumbitted. But they will now look better with new polished graphics.

- hundreds of levels for FREE, and that's just cool.
- difficulty setting: from "easy" for kids and family to "realistic" for top hardcore gamers
- in-built game editor where you can unleash your creativity and design your own levels to share them with other space explorers.
- cute characters and funny sound effects

New in 2.x:
- completely new graphics
- tons more goodies, 12 planets, new creatures and vehicles, aliens
- new pilots: Hedgehog, Teddy Bear, Panda, Cow, Elephant and more!

Monkey UFO is an accessible, fun and addictive casual mobile game for all ages, boys and girls, man and woman. Parents looking for apps to distract a kid or games for an Android smartphone to entertain and amuse young children will find Monkey UFO to be an amazing babysitter. Monkeys are just ones of the cutest animals in the zoo and are entertaining for any age. With even more cute pets now anyone will find something for their taste. Monkey UFO is an non-violent, addicting puzzle spaceflight simulation with depth and challenge when you want to have them.


Monkey UFO
Monkey UFO
Monkey UFO
Monkey UFO
Monkey UFO
Monkey UFO


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