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My Basic Calc Pro (Calculator)

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1.6 ou plus récente
10 - 50
USD 1,04

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Du même développeur


My Basic Calc: The calculator that is customizable the way you want it!

Tired of your ugly boring calculator? Try My Basic Calc!

You will never be bored of your calculator again! Customizable in every way! Everything you see on the screen can be customized.

Is your phone rooted and you flash custom roms? Finally you can have a calculator that matches any rom you are running!

This app saves the themes to the sd card so you will ALWAYS have them! Even switching between roms and different phones!

This is the donate version of My Basic Calc. Please try My Basic Calc first! If you enjoy My Basic Calc and want to support our development team, please consider donating!

**If you are coming from My Basic Calc, please don't forget to back up your current theme! So when you upgrade to the pro version, you can have your theme!

Also you get the following awesome features:

Pro Features:
*Back Up and Restore Themes!
*Faster Updates!
*Support Development!

Basic Features:
*Ad Free
*Themes (more coming!)
--- Go Green
--- Orange Creamsicle
--- Purple Fusion
--- Midnight Blue
--- WP7 Style (Windows Phone 7)
--- hTC Inspired (Htc Sense UI)
*Theme Customization
*Text/Style Customization
*Animation Customization
*Full Basic Calculator
*Intuitive Recent History
--- Just click the expression/answer you want!
*Ans Bar
--- Shows the answer as you type!
*Comma Separation!
--- Inserts commas into the answer, for easier readability!
*And More!

Developers: Hi, we are Josh Angelsberg and Daniel Hollis. We are two guys that wanted to make the best calculator on the market. A calculator that demonstrates you as a person! We are the type of people that love customization, and if you like customization you will like My Basic Calc.

If you have any comments or questions don’t hesitate to email us! Through the app itself or by the link below.

Have an idea for a theme? Let us know! If we like your idea we will try and make it a reality.


--- So it vibrates with each button press
--- This is only used for backing up and restoring themes

-Added ability to switch Ans Button with a Percent Button
**You can still long press for Recent History
***The setting is located at: Preferences/Appearance Settings/Text Settings/ "Ans/Percent Button" (At the bottom)
-Fixed a bug where commas would get saved into the Ans Button which caused a syntax error upon use

-Added commas to the answer
-Answers in the Recent History now show commas
-Fixed keyboard initially showing up for some users
-Fixed parentheses not erasing the answer after pressing the equals button
-Fixed Ans button giving two answers after pressing the equals button

-Fully ICS optimized and compatible
-Fixed missing cursor on ICS
-Fixed the dialogs' "black" background on ICS
-The app is now ICS themed for users running android 3.0+
-Restoring themes are now listed based off of the time they were created\n-Added Theme Manager
-Optimized Backing up and Restoring of themes
-New Redefined Icon!

-Initial Release


My Basic Calc Pro (Calculator)
My Basic Calc Pro (Calculator)
My Basic Calc Pro (Calculator)
My Basic Calc Pro (Calculator)
My Basic Calc Pro (Calculator)
My Basic Calc Pro (Calculator)


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