Au revoir & Replace "Ok Google"

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26 nov. 2016 à 16:48:56 via site


Je suis content de vous présenter "Replace Ok Google"

Je m'excuse mon francais ici la description englais
Allemand ici :

Questions par PN ou email svp



Application PlayStore :

With "Replace OK Google" ( Hotword ) you are able to replace your "OK-Google" command.

Create your own command from over 200.000 words and start the google (now) voice control


◉ Available command-words in different languages

English 133400 words
German 25100 words
French 10500 words
Italian : 9300 words
Spanish 23000 words

◉ Automatic activation after booting.
◉ Operates in the background (service)
◉ Automatic disabling while screen off, Lockscreen and PhoneCalls.
◉ Automatic Enabling on all apps or only on selected apps.

Notes :
Please use this test version before you install the full version.

Usage :
◉ Practice the pronunciation of your chosen command.
◉ Always talk in normal volume and fluently with distance to the microphone.
◉ If the command is not recognized immediately, repeat it with different pronunciation and voice.
◉ After your new command is detected you will directed to Google (Now) Voice Control.

◉ Permission for Audio-Record (Microphone).
◉ Detecting the Foreground- App to enable/disable the microphone.
◉ Access to internal storage to save dictionary.
◉ No further used accesses.

Technical Information :
Another keyword is a standalone speech synthesis based on pure Native-C code.
It does not use an online connection for voice detection. The number of the dictionary is continually expanded and is offered automatically and free of charge after completion of the Translation.

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Liebe Grüße - Stefan
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3 déc. 2016 à 01:04:36 via site

Hi together

thank you very much to all Betatesters the last 8 days.

The final version is now available (Version 2.10)



◉ it is now possible to test also the google speechbox
◉ better recognition of your selected command
◉ "Tasker"-Start implemented
◉ Additional setup-functions

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Liebe Grüße - Stefan
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