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TOP jeux Android - Jeux d'arcade et d'action

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The Legend Of Item Shop Lite The Legend Of Item Shop Lite
Boosim Lab
1.0.7 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
89 Évaluations
It is finally appearance of a full English version! RPG style dealer in secondhand articles management games that can be various.Let's employ the bodyguard while selling it making the (...)
Space Fighter Space Fighter
My Mobile Applications
2.7 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
35 Évaluations
Your mission is to defeat the alien invaders and protect the Earth. With the choice of Fighter planes and weapons you will be well equipped to fight the enemy. Full touch screen game (...)
Empire defense Empire defense
1.2.0 gratuit 6 ×
0 Évaluation
12 873 Évaluations
This full version Empire Defense comes with standard and advanced weapons, and 4 new maps! You start with 4 basic weapons and 10,000 crystals on a simple map. Earn more (...)
Lovely Bubble Lovely Bubble
Funny Android Games
2.1 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
10 Évaluations
Lovely Bubble est un jeu de dessin animé, fait la joie des yourself.There ya beaucoup de couleurs différentes Bubble, ils sont float très fast.Move votre doigt pour frapper le coeur aussi (...)
Dink Smallwood HD Dink Smallwood HD
Robinson Technologies
1.6.0 USD 2,49
2 ×
0 Évaluation
184 Évaluations
It all began in a world where dragons roamed the land and knights fought with valor and honor. And then there was Dink. Can a simple pig farmer thrust into an epic journey of magic (...)
Color Blots Lite Color Blots Lite
1.3.4 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
19 Évaluations
In this world there are not too colorful things. You can fix this! Eight bottles with color paints, sleight of hands and just a little strategy will help you in this. Tilt the phone to change the (...)
Space War Space War
Humanoid Group
1.1 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
157 Évaluations
This game is a space shoot-em-up game for the Android phone. The Android travels through space, shooting aliens and gaining points on his adventure. The game includes power-ups, (...)
Space War(Return) Space War(Return)
Humanoid Group
1.2.7 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
933 Évaluations
This game is a space shoot-em-up game for the Android phone. The Android travels through space, shooting aliens and gaining points on his adventure. The game includes power-ups, (...)
CurveMan CurveMan
1.2 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
2 Évaluations
ワンタッチのみの簡単ゲーム! むかしなつかしのシンプルゲームで、とっつきやすいです、 是非暇な時にでもどうぞ。 画面をタッチor離すことで自機の上昇or下降をコントロール。 途中で出現する敵に触れずにギリギリを通過することで (...)
Space War of Goshawk Space War of Goshawk
FeiYing Studio
1.3.2 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
7 Évaluations
Game Story: In 2100, after decades of war, A large weapons cooperation named FLIGHKO become the most powerful military organization. It has a huge number of artificial intelligence (...)
Moetun(Tap a girl) Moetun(Tap a girl)
TACOTY JP kinoko
1.0.6 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
2 Évaluations
Tap the lovely girl And challenge the combo extreme!! ****************************************************** 【Instruction】 ① Tap “Let's play” in the middle of screen after startup. ② Switch (...)
海賊王国コロンブス 海賊王国コロンブス
GREE, Inc.
1.3.6 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
355 Évaluations
ついにGREEで大人気の海賊RPGが登場。 海賊王国コロンブスは自分だけの夢の最強王国が作れるカードバトル型の大人気・無料RPG♪ (...)
Grape Escape Grape Escape
Android Research
3.2 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
46 Évaluations
Save the Grape by getting to the Exit by jumping on blocks after they have landed. Avoid being squished while they are falling. Some blocks can crush other blocks. Hours of addictive (...)
RPG DarkGate RPG DarkGate
KEMCO_GAMES (Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.)
1.2.0g USD 2,99
0 ×
0 Évaluation
125 Évaluations
SPECIAL PRICE 50% OFF(USD 5.99 -> USD 2.99)!!! ---------- Enjoy intense battles and leveling up a multitude of jobs! Presenting Dark Gate, a full-blown fantasy RPG! A long time (...)
スカッシュ!! スカッシュ!!
1.0.2 USD 1,00
0 ×
0 Évaluation
0 Évaluation
「スカッシュ!!」は1人用壁打ちテニスゲームです。 タッチスクリーンで指を左右にスライドさせることでラケットを動かし、ボールを打ち返してください。 (...)
Sombre histoire Chevalier Sombre histoire Chevalier
1.6.4 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
1 692 Évaluations
※ sera de soutenir le seul courant japonais. S'il vous plaît attendre pour l'avenir, de sorte continuera à soutenir les anglais. Merci d'avoir attendu! The Dark Knight a publié l'histoire (...)
Chicken Run Chicken Run
1.1 USD 0,99
0 ×
0 Évaluation
2 Évaluations
Catch the chicks as fast as you can, before they go out of sight! The game has a range of different difficulties and speeds complete with sounds and cool graphics. You can also get to (...)
Button Bash Button Bash
Mika Lindell
1.02 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
1 Évaluation
Classic game of concentration (a.k.a speed tester). Push the buttons flashing at increasing speed. Features: -Ad-free -Offline high scores -Pause and autosave -Four cool & colourful (...)
EpicMan Africa EpicMan Africa
0.3 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
39 Évaluations
EpicMen is back, the sequel of unlucky hero adventures. He is fell out of truck on safari and no one, excepts you, can save him from mad 200 pounds lion. So run as fast as you can, (...)
Dragger Dragger
Twist Mobile
1.5 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
163 Évaluations
Sadness is everywhere. Dragger has a power to make everyone happy. Unleash his power and change the boring faces into happy ones. Features: • 6 Characters with different (...)
Titanic Island Game Tablet Titanic Island Game Tablet
1.2 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
8 Évaluations
For Tablet! 2 Games in one! Great Action Adventure and Addicitve Arcade GamePlay A Rich and Historic World to Explore Set foot in Belfast’s Shipyard, where Titanic, the world’s (...)
Shoot the Ghost Shoot the Ghost
Oppozatti Productions Inc
1.0.15 USD 0,99
0 ×
0 Évaluation
5 Évaluations
Be afraid. Be very afraid. Dare to enter the haunted house to find what evil and trickery lurk behind these walls. Shoot to kill the ghosts and spiders before they kill you. By killing the (...)
Cute Bird Cute Bird
3.1.0 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
15 Évaluations
CuteBird needs your help to survive. Your aim is to avoid enemies & land to the home safely. Touch anywhere or press any key to fly. Don't forget to submit your scores for global high (...)
Protection Force Protection Force
1.0.5 USD 0,99
0 ×
0 Évaluation
38 Évaluations
Tired of boring, odd, and unpolished design games? Paying for apps that not excite and involve you in game process? Try out your war skills and make your own strategies in our brand (...)
Feed Me Sushi Feed Me Sushi
4.2 gratuit 1 ×
0 Évaluation
131 Évaluations
Simple addictive game. Just feed sushi to the mouse as fast as you can. Fly will block you and other items also. You have to dodge those things.
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