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Minuterie Voix F Minuterie Voix F
2.4 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
6 Évaluations
Cette minuterie de cuisine, utiliser la voix enregistrée comme une alarme. "Oh, j'ai oublié" Avez-vous l'expérience de combien? "Oh, j'ai oublié:« Nous allons régler la minuterie pour (...)
Just Reminder Just Reminder
Nazar Suhovych
2.0.4 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
17 Évaluations
Just Reminder - a free application that will remind all you need at a specified time. Possibilities of application are: - Set up phone call reminder; - Send SMS reminder (with ability to (...)
Torrent Remote Torrent Remote
David Hodges
0.3 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
7 Évaluations
Remotely manage the uTorrent PC client from your phone \ tablet! Disappointed with the design of the official uTorrent client, constantly being logged off and just not working? No? Just (...)
Far On Droid File Manager Far On Droid File Manager
Vlad Namashko
0.7.1 gratuit 2 ×
0 Évaluation
361 Évaluations
Far On Droid is free file manager providing intuitive file management using two panel interface. Has built-in file viewer and editor and view files of any size. Main features: two panel (...)
Turn Me On Wi-Fi Data Manager Turn Me On Wi-Fi Data Manager
Rich Kid Software
1.1.16 USD 0,89
0 ×
0 Évaluation
1 Évaluation
Turn Me On will manage your Wi-Fi, Data and Bluetooth status, brightness, screen time-out and volume settings as well as automatically reply to incoming messages. You simply set up (...)
Watch Faces for SmartWatch 2 Watch Faces for SmartWatch 2
Esprit Pixels
2.0.2 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
185 Évaluations
Add custom watch face to your Sony SmartWatch 2 NOTE : YOU NEED SONY SMARTWATCH 2 (SW 2) TO USE THIS APP. ALSO THE LATEST SMARTWATCH 2 APP SHOULD (...)
Kärcher ECO!Manager Kärcher ECO!Manager
Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG
1.7 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
7 Évaluations
Die nächste Generation der Kärcher ECO!Manager-App, die Webapplikation für alle Reinigungs- und Gebäudedienstleister! Mit der App können Sie Ihre Daten erfassen und in Echtzeit (...)
UTMとMILを取得できるCompass2 UTMとMILを取得できるCompass2
Trinity Idea Factory
2.1 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
4 Évaluations
It explains in English after Japanese. 【HeadUpCompassとの違い】 ・アプリケーション名をRcnToolsに変更しました。 ・目標捕捉精度が向上しています。 (...)
Password Keeper Password Keeper
Shapovalov Dmitry
1.2 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
0 Évaluation
It seems like every other day there is a new website or service that you have to sign up for and create a new account. And it is hard to remember of all your passwords. It is even hard to (...)
Mp3 Calls Recorder (Full Free) Mp3 Calls Recorder (Full Free)
M-az DevGames Studio
1.0 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
0 Évaluation
This application Mp3 Calls Recorder (Full Free) records all incoming and outgoing calls from your phone. All your calls are saved in mp3 format and can be sent by various methods. 1. (...)
Snaps Backups Snaps Backups
1.2 USD 1,36
0 ×
0 Évaluation
3 Évaluations
Silent and efficient personal backups! Through this application you can finally perform automatic and scheduled backups of contents storage on your device (VIDEO, PHOTOS, FILES (...)
DQXスキルシミュレータ DQXスキルシミュレータ
1.21 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
10 Évaluations
ドラゴンクエスト10のスキルシミュレータです。 Ver2.2後期まで対応 自動スキル振分機能やスキルポイント振りに没頭できる直感的でストレスレスな操作性を実現した高機能スキルシミュレータです。 面倒な設定などは一切ありません。 (...)
FlashLight FlashLight
1.2 gratuit 1 ×
0 Évaluation
3 Évaluations
# Simple Camera FlashLight App. # JUST TURN ON/OFF # It's Free :)
InjuryApp InjuryApp
Binary Ideas Inc.
1.7 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
4 Évaluations
Hupy and Abraham, S.C. law firm specializes in cases such as car accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful deaths, and pharmaceutical class actions. Hailed as one of the leading (...)
TAURON eLicznik TAURON eLicznik
1.9.4 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
31 Évaluations
Aplikacja TAURON eLicznik to narzędzie innowacyjnego projektu inteligentnego opomiarowania, prowadzonego przez TAURON Dystrybucja S.A. Oferuje wizualizację zużycia energii (...)
clavier rose clavier rose
1.4 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
54 Évaluations
Nous sommes ravis de vous présenter un nouveau clavier marque, créée spécialement pour vous tous: "Keyboard rose" Télécharger "Clavier rose" maintenant et faire de votre (...)
HandsFree Answer Pro HandsFree Answer Pro
1.0 USD 1,02
0 ×
0 Évaluation
0 Évaluation
There are times when your hands are busy (e.g. driving or biking) thus not able to answer an important incoming call. This application can automatically answer incoming calls when it (...)
HTTP Socket Adaptor HTTP Socket Adaptor
Wallace IT
1.0 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
0 Évaluation
HTTP Socket adaptor is a small utility that allows the communication with a TCP socket device from any android web browser. It uses a NanoHTTPD server on localhost to receive data (...)
Slovenské Aplikácie Slovenské Aplikácie
4.8 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
870 Évaluations
★ Nájdite všetky android aplikácie pre Slovensko na jednom mieste. ★ Teraz dokonca ešte viac slovenských aplikácií a aplikácií určených pre Slovensko. ★ Táto aplikácia Vám (...)
자율출퇴근 관리 자율출퇴근 관리
Rooney An
1.2 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
0 Évaluation
일주일간의 개인의 자율출퇴근제 근무시간을 자동 계산 해주는 어플리케이션입니다. 출근, 퇴근 시간을 수동으로 입력 해주면 일일, 주간 누적 근무 시간이 계산됩니다. 추후 MDM, 위젯 등 편의기능이 추가될 예정입니다.
Pardal - Denúncias Eleitorais Pardal - Denúncias Eleitorais
1.1.8 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
0 Évaluation
Este aplicativo permite que os usuários enviem ao Tribunal Regional Eleitoral do Espírito Santo (TRE-ES) indícios de irregularidades eleitorais tais como: - Propaganda irregular; - (...)
flashlight flashlight
1.0 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
0 Évaluation
Android için el feneri uygulaması. zamanlayıcı özelliği ile istediğiniz süre sonrasında flashı otomatik kapatır.
DEF CON Hacker Tracker DEF CON Hacker Tracker
Whitney Champion
2.9.3 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
76 Évaluations
The app is open sourced on GitHub should you have any doubts: https://github.com/shortstack/HackerTracker The "unofficial" DEF CON
HiWiFi HiWiFi
4.1.1 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
172 Évaluations
极路由是一款全球首创可安装插件的路由器,对手机、PAD等无线设备完美支持,可实现应用下载加速、游戏加速、视频加速等强大且丰富的功能。更多详情请访问 www.hiwifi.com。 —是一款专门为极路由定制开发的远程管理工具 (...)
Nicaragua Valida Operadora Nicaragua Valida Operadora
Omar Berroterán Silva
0.7840 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
11 Évaluations
Utilería para saber en que operadora esta registrado el numero de Teléfono Celular. Ademas busca el numero en tu agenda, permite llamar o enviar mensaje de texto según convenga. (...)
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