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Tim(mer) Stock™ Tim(mer) Stock™
1.0.1 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
16 Évaluations
Tim(mer) Stock™ är en Android variant på den klassiska Timstocken. Denna app är en applikation för Android i syfte att vara ett hjälpmedel att visualisera tid samt koppla tiden till (...)
阮綜合掛號 阮綜合掛號
1.1.1 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
11 Évaluations
LiczyGram 2 kalorie i insulina LiczyGram 2 kalorie i insulina
2.5 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
15 Évaluations
Aplikacja wspomagająca obliczanie liczby kilokalorii, wskaźników WW i WBT oraz dawek insuliny dla posiłków konsumowanych przez diabetyków. Aktualnie aplikacja pozwala na (...)
Health Facts Health Facts
Waikiki Sky
1.01 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
9 Évaluations
Best Health Facts! This cool FREE app gives you thousands of interesting health facts, smart health tips, and relevant medical statistics. Learn useful facts on diet, exercise, food, (...)
PTA Content Master PTA Content Master
2.1 USD 27,25
0 ×
0 Évaluation
32 Évaluations
Make reviewing essential physical therapy academic content enjoyable! Physical Therapist Assistant Content Master is designed to assist physical therapist assistants to possess full (...)
Hospitals - Gujarat Hospitals - Gujarat
24x7 Health Protect Pvt Ltd
1.2 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
11 Évaluations
This App. provides hospital list of entire Gujarat. This App will not only provide Hospital Name, Address of Hospital, Contact Details of Hospital but Contact person of Hospital as well. (...)
Medical Pearls Medical Pearls
1.1 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
66 Évaluations
Ever thought of boosting your medical practice? Ever thought of establishing good doctor patient relationship? Ever thought of avoiding medico legal litigation? Ever thought of (...)
Epilepsy Vault Epilepsy Vault
Ellery Leung
186298 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
10 Évaluations
If you, or your family members, have Epilepsy(Seizure) problem and want to find out why it happens, what to do and how to help them, you need to download this app. Here are the (...)
Neurosurgery Neurosurgery
Soda Virtual
1.5 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
16 Évaluations
Latest news, researches and blog about Neurology, Neuroscience and Neurosurgery. To provide neurosurgeons with the most timely comprehensive and relevant clinical information to (...)
MEDGuide Emergência Brasil 2.0 MEDGuide Emergência Brasil 2.0
2.7.6 USD 7,12
4 ×
0 Évaluation
74 Évaluations
Medicina - Medicamentos - Bulas - Calculadoras - Emergência - Cardiologia - Neurologia - Oftalmologia - Pneumologia - Gastroenterologia - Endócrino/Diabetes - Obstetrícia - Pronto (...)
Emdat Mobile Emdat Mobile
2.3.0 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
16 Évaluations
Use your Android device to review your appointment listing, create dictations and submit them to your transcription company, and review and approve transcriptions in your Workflow (...)
Hematología preguntas de exam Hematología preguntas de exam
2.0 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
28 Évaluations
Repasa y aprende sobre Hematología con esta fabulosa colección de más de 640 preguntas obtenidas de exámenes de universidad. Posibilidad de preguntas aleatorias. ¡Ideal para (...)
Speed Angiology MD Speed Angiology MD
Benoit Essiambre
1.14 USD 1,96
0 ×
0 Évaluation
63 Évaluations
You're a fan of Speed Bones MD and Speed Muscles MD but you know all the bones and muscles of your body? Rejoice because Speed Angiology MD will bring excitement and (...)
MDS Classification and Risk MDS Classification and Risk
Clarity Computing
1.2 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
14 Évaluations
The Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation (AA&MDSIF) developed this mobile app to assist physicians with risk stratification and selection of treatment options for patients (...)
Sorriso Sorriso
1.1 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
12 Évaluations
SorrisoOrtho is the first app created Android Devices with the sole objective to enhance the orthodontic experience. This app is distinctive by design. The critical difference between this (...)
奇美醫療體系App 奇美醫療體系App
1.4 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
50 Évaluations
奇美醫療體系App新增「衛教資訊查詢」。 奇美醫療體系看診進度查詢提供當天永康總院、柳營院區、台南分院的行動看診進度查詢服務。
Radiation Monitor Radiation Monitor
1.1.5 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
30 Évaluations
It's a radiation monitor in Taiwan. Measured unit: μSv/h Support languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
2.0.0 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
44 Évaluations
The MATCH® Program Rating and Interview Scheduling Manager, or PRISM(SM), is a free downloadable tool from the National Resident Matching Program that enables Main (...)
ENT Updates ENT Updates
2.5.1 gratuit 0 ×
2 Évaluations
11 Évaluations
Latest updates in the field of Otolaryngology (EAR,NOSE THROAT)specialty, for surgeons.Includes feeds from leading sites along with titles and abstracts from leading journals in (...)
Glucomètre Glucomètre
Francisco J Belchi
1.6.3 USD 3,29
12 ×
0 Évaluation
126 Évaluations
Glucomètre est une application Android pour gérer votre diabète, le suivi de votre glycémie avec un glucomètre bluetooth ou de façon manuelle. Toutes les données recueillies peuvent (...)
Protocoles Protocoles
1.0 gratuit 1 ×
0 Évaluation
10 Évaluations
Le réseau Aurore vous propose un recueil de protocoles sur les thèmes suivants : - Obstétrique - Pédiatrie / Néonatologie - Anesthésie obstétricale Le Réseau AURORE (Association (...)
Abbott Animal Health IV Fluids Abbott Animal Health IV Fluids
1.0.1 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
10 Évaluations
The I.V. Fluid Volume Calculator Application is an easy to use tool developed by Abbott Animal Health for veterinarians and veterinary technicians to obtain the calculation of the Total (...)
Surgical Endoscopy Surgical Endoscopy
2.1 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
11 Évaluations
Tap into the most recent developments in interventional endoscopy and ultrasound with the Surgical Endoscopy app. Surgical Endoscopy is an international, peer-reviewed medical (...)
USMLE 2 Stanford Review Course USMLE 2 Stanford Review Course
Current Clinical Strategies
1.4 gratuit 0 ×
0 Évaluation
36 Évaluations
Pass the USMLE Step 2 after one day of study! USMLE 2 Stanford Review Course, by David Nobel, MD, replicates the actual USMLE Step 2 Clinical Knowledge examination. USMLE (...)
Pill Reminder Pill Reminder
3.0.13 USD 0,79
3 ×
3 Évaluations
135 Évaluations
PillReminder reminds you to take your contraception (pill/patch/ring) at the desired time every day, stopping reminders automatically on the pause period (contraception type specific) (...)
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