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Scotch Whisky App

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Including both a flavor map by region, and a distillery listing with each year it produces, this is the best android app to focus solely on the greatest of all whiskey - Scotch Whisky. What could be more useful a guide to the single malt Scotch whisky distilleries in Scotland on your phone or tablet, with tasting notes of the flavors/taste of each whisky bottle from that distillery, listed by region. This application includes both a flavor map, and the malt listing of whiskies.

With the Scotch Whisky App, the liquor from each distillery in Scotland is listed in this guide, along with different years of whisky that they produce. After launch, the app has a simple design with nicely colored icons for each whisky. Each whisky (whiskey) distillery is listed by region: Lowland, Highland, Speyside and Islay. Within each distillery page is a list of the different years available of that particular whisky distillery. You will never again have to wonder exactly what the flavors are of that particular whisky.

This Scotch Whisky App also displays graphically the range of flavors available in single malt Scotch whisky, making the Scotch Whisky App a nice companion in a bar when having drinks. Simply open the application and you will be able to view the flavor of the Scotch whisky you are looking at. Also, if you wish to find a Scotch to your flavor liking, you can simply use the map to find one to suit you.

Knowing the flavor of different Scotch whisky from Scotland means you could use this to guide you in tastings, at a bar, or making cocktails. As always caution is advised when consuming whisky or any alcohol - you don't want to be playing angry birds or cut the rope after too much Scotch! Please note that Scotch whisky is spelt without an e, unlike all other types of whiskey.

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Scotch Whisky App
Scotch Whisky App
Scotch Whisky App


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