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mLottoLuck Lotto Lottery PRO

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2.1 ou plus récente
500 - 1 000
USD 2,37

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mLottoLuck is a fully featured lottery game to intelligently generate the lucky lotto numbers for all the states in USA.

Don't just choose any numbers, and also don't let the quick picks determine your luck. You can put some strategy along with your luck and have mLottoLuck generate your best lucky numbers for you.

1. Change the preferences such as:
a) Default email ID to only send your intelligently generated lucky numbers.
b) Change the Speed(SPIN) of the Ball to experiment and generate your lucky numbers.
C) Change the Length(Duration) of the Spin of the Ball to experiment and add some intelligence and strategy to generate your lucky numbers.

2. Provide a list of States to select from, by which the lucky numbers generated can be focused just for the games only applicable to your (or the selected) state.

3. Email the Generated Lucky Numbers to the default preferable email ID for buying the ticket at your own convenience from the local Lotto Retailer.

4. Not satisfied with the numbers? You can regenerate with or without changing the preferences. Also, you can change the Spin Velocity of the Ball and the Length of the Duration of the Spin of the Ball to suit to your own strategy and restart the game without having to quit the game.

5. Context Sensitive Menus for easier and efficient navigation.

6. Pick your very own numbers

7. Check the past winning lottery numbers.

8. Generate statistics/trends for the POWER BALL and MEGA MILLIONS winning numbers

9. Register and Login to hold your generated numbers.


mLottoLuck Lotto Lottery PRO
mLottoLuck Lotto Lottery PRO
mLottoLuck Lotto Lottery PRO
mLottoLuck Lotto Lottery PRO
mLottoLuck Lotto Lottery PRO
mLottoLuck Lotto Lottery PRO
mLottoLuck Lotto Lottery PRO
mLottoLuck Lotto Lottery PRO


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