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GeoFormel Lite

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1.6 ou plus récente
5 000 - 10 000

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GeoFormelLite - The Geocaching Tool

GeoFormelLite is a program specifically developed for multicaches. Every geocacher knows the problem of multi-caches. You get nearer stage by stage, solving problems and entering the results by use of a predefined formula in order to calculate the next coordinates.

The import of predefined formulas is only possible in the full version. In the Lite version you can manual typing in of coordinate formulas.

In most cases, one used to print out the description of the multi-cache and to calculate with a pencil on a piece of paper. After some probably made miscalculations one got finally the right coordinates.
Then, these coordinates had to be entered into the GPS device in order to make the navigation to the next stage possible.

With this tool you can copy the formulas (e.g. N50.32. (A - B) CD ) by cut & paste directly from the multi-cache description into the PC component and then on the memory card of your Android phone.
There you import the formulas and they are at once available. You don’t have to bother any more with typing in data or calculating formulas with paper and pencil.
You just have to enter the results of the single tasks and the program shows you at once the calculated coordinates.
After having fed in all data of a task for a North and East coordinate the Android app displays a button by which you can navigate to the next destination.

More information on www.geoformel.com

- manual typing in of coordinate formulas
- display of the target coordinates in Google Maps
- no import of the coordinate formulas from the SD card
- no navigation
- additional ad banners

Buy GeoFormel full version and you get:
- import of the coordinate formulas from the memory card
- manual typing in of coordinate formulas
- display of the target coordinates in Google Maps
- navigation
- no ad banners
- Usage of OpenStreetMap offline maps

The Lite version contains additional ad banners
All program parts are available in German and English (depending on the language settings on your PC / smartphone)

Minimum requirements:

Windows XP / Windows 7 or higher
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5

Android Version 1.6 or higher


GeoFormel Lite
GeoFormel Lite
GeoFormel Lite
GeoFormel Lite
GeoFormel Lite
GeoFormel Lite



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