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Watch Over Me - The App That Helps Rescue Girls In Danger

Protect yourself and your loved ones by turning your Android Phone into a personal safety device!

If you've ever called a friend while feeling unsafe, this is the app for you.

Whether you're going for a run, walking to your car, walking home, taking a cab, or meeting someone for the first time, all you have to do is let the app know and it'll watch over you throughout your event. If you fail to check-in safely once you're done, Watch Over Me will do 3 things:

* Automatic Alerts - Send an alert out to your emergency contacts via SMS, email, or Facebook
* GPS Tracking - Provide your emergency contacts with your most recent location via GPS
* Real-time recording - Turn on your iPhone's camera + audio recording functions to let your loved ones know what's going on.

We've been featured in....

* Top 5 Winner for the Sony Ericsson Application Award 2011
* King of Code Finalist by VentureBeat
* AndroidPIT Best Personal Safety App 2011,
* A Strong Contender at Demo Asia 2012

What our users are saying:

“It really helps my family keep track of each other with GPS without pesky phone calls. This app is so awesome!!!!”
- Svetlana

“It Works! The best personal safety app I've ever tried! It really protects me when I come home late at night, or when on date with someone new in my life... Very fast and accurate.”
- Jessica

“I really feel safer now when my kids have this app installed. It really gives me peace of mind. This app have really MANY great opportunities and it's covered with great notifications (FB, TW, SMS, email), also it is very easy to use... I can see a great future for this app!”
- Milos

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Watch Over Me
Watch Over Me
Watch Over Me
Watch Over Me
Watch Over Me
Watch Over Me
Watch Over Me
Watch Over Me



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