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Grogg Kard

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Do you like to play drinking games but don't like the thought of too many props or having to remember what each card stands for? Are you looking for a drinking game to play with your friends and family that will provide you with big fun and super duper laughs? LOOK NO FURTHER.

Grogg Kard is a fun drinking game for 2 or more players and the only props required are a game vessel/glass/cup and a vessel of your own beverage to consume as the game progresses. The object of the game is to watch your friends and family fall flat on their faces and to avoid doing so yourself!!!

Within this fun filled pack of kards are tongue twisters, nominate kards, konsume kards, game kards, kards that ask you to do hilariously dopey stuff and kards that keep you from doing some things that you will find most difficult to stop doing. There are the kards that will make your fellow players roar with laughter and other kards that could find you having to konsume because you were the last at doing something totally dum but most importantly there are 4 Grogg Kards. Each time one of these are flipped, the person who flipped the Grogg Kard must empty some of his or her own beverage into the game vessel. When the 4th Grogg Kard is flipped, not only does this mean the end of the game but the person who flipped the 4th Grogg Kard must empty some of his or her own beverage into the game vessel and then konsume that vessel. Can be quite a concoction in there if every player is drinking something different and very unfortunate for the person having to konsume it.

Because each kard in the deck is self explanatory all you need to do is start playing so what are you waiting for? Stop reading and go have some Grogg Kard fun!!!!! Good Luck.....you will need it.


Grogg Kard
Grogg Kard
Grogg Kard
Grogg Kard


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