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    Lexibook® Videostore

    Lexibook® Videostore by Bangoo Le Lexibook® Videostore by Bangoo c'est les meilleures séries pour la jeunesse sur votre tablette Lexibook®, avec plus de 1600 épisodes* des (...)

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    Maze'S NEON Ediotion

    Maze's is a casual game with addictive gameplay. Maximize your score and crack the high score. Find the way out of the maze by connecting with your fingers the blue input and (...)

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    SETT Browser

    SETT Browser is the only mobile web browser for Android, having the capability of rendering Sinhala / Tamil Unicode text in web pages. You can conveniently read Sinhala/Tamil (...)

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    Let you view your information from mobile phones to your browser on your computer or any other device that has an internet browser. Can be shown for example general system (...)

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    This is a small application, created for a forum member. It simple mixes two words like this: first name: AAA second name: BBB result: ABABAB

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    KidZone Lite Secure Launcher

    Fully control what applications and functionality your kids or anyone else (employees, friends, etc...) can access on any Android device. GREAT FOR PHONES AND TABLETS! Simply (...)

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    En utilisant un canon à eau monté sur une grue, les joueurs doivent ajuster la hauteur et l'angle de leur canon pour combattre des incendies, déplacer des obstacles, faire tourner des (...)

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    Power Academy

    Avec 500 fiches interactives recouvrant tout le programme scolaire, Power Academy c'est un véritable professeur dans le creux de la main ! Et avec son mode quiz, tu peux tester tes (...)

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    Pumpkin Bingo

    Complete your Bingo game card by accepting or rejecting the balls called, but watch out as incorrect choices lose time.

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    The Interest Rate Solution

    Saving BIG money on your BIGGEST expense is a lot closer than you think. I’m talking TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars…..or even more. From this simple little 32 page e-book, you (...)

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